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We have added a program for the workshop. Looking forward to see you in Toronto!



Thank you for all the paper submissions. Currently we're reviewing the papers. We'll notifiy you upon acceptance on the 10th of february.



Due to multiple requests, we extended the submission deadline for the workshop to the 24th of January! Happy paper writing.

General Information

In this workshop we plan to explore the possibilities and challenges of physical objects and materials for evaluating the User Experience (UX) of interactive systems. These objects should face shortfalls of current UX evaluation methods and allow for a qualitative (or even quantitative), playful and holistic evaluation of UX without interfering with the users personal experiences during interaction. This provides a tactile enhancement to a solely visual stimulation as used in classical evaluation methods. The workshop serves as a basis for networking and community building with interested HCI researchers, designers and practitioners and should encourage further development of the field of tactile UX evaluation.

For further questions please contact busch@cure.at or manfred.tscheligi@sbg.ac.at