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Manfred Tscheligi is professor for HCI & Usability at the University of Salzburg, directing the ICT&S Center. He is the founder and director of CURE. Furthermore, he is head of the business unit Technology Experience at the Austrian Institute of Technology. He was involved in several conference activities (e.g. co-chairing CHI2004 in Vienna, co-chairing ACE 2007 and AUI 2011 Conference in Salzburg) and co-organizing several workshops and SIGs (recently MobileHCI2013).

Katherine Isbister is Associate Professor jointly appointed between Computer Science and Engineering at NYUs Polytechnic School of Engineering, and the NYU Tisch Game Center. Isbister is Research Director of the Game Innovation Lab at NYU working on the social and emotional palette of interaction with technology. Her team builds research games that explore this terrain. The team also innovates research instruments to better assess whether social and emotional effects take place.

Kristina Hk is a professor in Interaction Design at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden. She works in the Mobile Life Centre, where her research focuses on design for bodily and affective interaction, influenced by the idea of somaesthetics. Her design stance is one where users of her technology should be allowed to express themselves physically and emotionally. Hk is also interested in ways of involving users in the design process with similarly open-ended methods - allowing them to participate in design.

Marianna Obrist is Lecturer in Interaction Design at the University of Sussex, and just finished a two-year Marie-Curie fellowship at Culture Lab at Newcastle University. Her main research focus is user experience, theory and design practices, and particular UX evaluation methods. At CHI2013 she presented a paper on Talking about tactile experiences, an UX evaluation based on participants verbalization. She is currently extending her approach towards non-verbal elicitation methods for multi-sensory experiences.

Marc Busch is researcher at CURE and scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology. He holds a degree in psychology from the University of Vienna with a specialization of methodologies for evaluating user experiences of new technologies. Currently he is involved in two international research projects (MUSES, uTRUSTit). In these projects Marc is responsible for HCI studies and evaluations.

Christina Hochleitner is research coordinator of CURE in Austria and scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology. She is leading and responsible for the international uTRUSTit-project, where Christina deals with advanced user interfaces and new interaction paradigms, as well as trust as a user experience factor. At CURE Christina has developed a set of heuristics to evaluate the overall user experience of games.